Monday, November 3, 2014

Good afternoon Capitol City Bolt & Screw customers !

   In an effort to stay competitive in the marketplace, we made some changes to our telecommunications vendor (as of last week - 10/27/2014) from AT&T to COMCAST BUSINESS.

  This change was supposed to be invisible to our customers... however it has come to our attention that a few customers cannot get an answer when calling our main phone number (615) 254 8707 !?!  

  If YOU are having this problem while calling us on a land line... then please phone us again from your cell phone and report this to us.  You may also report a problem to us via e-mail at:

   Apparently, COMCAST BUSINESS must do some one-time programming for some phone carriers.

   Meanwhile, we apologize for ANY inconvenience this may have caused ... and please always know that we are here for YOU !!!