Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Q: Where can I buy a  3/8" hex nut ?  
A:  Well, many places.  Try the Hardware stores, "big box" Retailers, Auto Parts house, etc ...    

However, let's say that you have a SPECIAL / CRITICAL application ...
  Perhaps you need a large QUANTITY ... 
     Maybe you are unsure of ALL OPTIONS and PROPERTIES available ...

The fastener professionals at Capitol City Bolt & Screw Co., Inc. can help !  

FAST FACT - If you just consider Capitol City Bolt & Screw's INSIDE SALES team... they alone have 200+ years combined experience in the fastener industry !   This rich, deep, experience is also present at every level of the organization.   One would be challenged to find this much specialized industrial fastener knowledge gathered together in one place - anywhere in America.     

Just so you know, we carry HEX NUTS in the following:

   SIZES: from the tiny #2(- 56 threads per inch)  to a big 3"(- 4 threads per inch) !  

  MATERIALS: mild steel (Grade 2), harder steel (Grade 5), hardest steel (Grade 8), mild stainless steel (18-8), hard stainless steel (316), brass, bronze, nylon.

  THREAD PITCHES: coarse thread (UNC), fine thread (UNF), metric thread (coarse & fine), and left hand.

  FINISHES: plain, zinc (Silver) plated, zinc (Yellow/Gold) dichromate,  (Black) oxide, & (shiny) nickel plated.

  STYLES:  jam (thin), heavy, flange (washer attached), Nylock locking, slotted hex, couplings, acorn, cap, wing, etc ...  

   Anything else (not listed) ?  We can easily ORDER.  

  Just call, e-mail, or come see us when you have the occasion.