Thursday, April 18, 2013

   Don't assume that Capitol City Bolt & Screw Co., Inc. just sells bolts and screws.

   We also sell pretty much every other "fastener related" item (minus nails and staples) that you might need for your: industrial / mechanical / construction / automotive job.

  This includes: THREADED ROD (stocked in most: diameters, materials, and length), STRUT (aka pipe hangers and mechanical supports - Cooper B-Line brand: 2 sizes, 2 lengths - clamps),  DRILL BITS (all sizes : standard, metric, jobber, carbide tip, nitro jobber, Cobalt, stubby, reduced shank, Number / Letter, aircraft / long, masonry, SDS, brad point, special, etc...),  ALLEN WRENCHES (aka hex keys - all sizes - TORX, T-handle - singles & sets), TAPS (cuts threads inside a hole - taper tap, plug tap, bottom tap, acme tap, drill/tap combo),   DIES (cuts threads onto a rod),   HELICOIL PRODUCTS (thread repair inserts - singles & kits),   APEX (hex) BITS (slotted, Phillips, hex, long, short, special ),  HOLE SAWS,  ABRASIVES,  WIRE WHEELS/BRUSHES,  RIVETS (most materials, sizes & styles stocked),  RIVET GUNS & PARTS,  SAW BLADES ( Lennox brand jigsaw, reciprocal, and band saw blades.  Other brands for cutting: masonry & metal),  MASONRY ANCHORS (Simpson StrongTie, lag shields, nail-in anchors, chemical stud, etc),  TOGGLE BOLTS (metal, nylon),   PLASTIC ANCHORS (drive in),  EYE BOLTS (forged, bent, long shank, short shank),  TURNBUCKLES (hook & eye, hook & hook, eye & eye - various sizes), S-HOOKS,  U-BOLTS,  PINS (roll, spiral, groove, taper, threaded taper, pull taper, cotter, lynch, hitch, clevis, dowel, slotted spring, etc... ),  AIRCRAFT CABLE & ACCESSORIES (aka wire rope ~ cut to length ~ crimps, stops, clamps, loops),  CHAIN  (big to small, many grades & styles ~ by the box OR cut to length ~ Hi-TEST chain, proof coil chain, Liberty coil chain, safety chain, sash chain, single jack chain, straight link machine chain, lock link chain, twist link machine chain, well chain),  CHAIN ACCESSORIES (clevis hooks, shackles, binders),  NYLON ZIP TIES (small to giant),  HOSE CLAMPS (stocked small to giant),  OIL-DRI (aka cat-litter), and last but not least...  DUCT TAPE and  WD-40 !!!

  FUN FACT- the TWO most valuable tools your in your shop/car/toolbox ...                                                                                                                              

                        If it should move and doesn't ... use WD-40  
                   If if moves and shouldn't ...        use DUCT TAPE

  Because we serve industry... it is also worth mentioning that we offer only INDUSTRIAL GRADE products, of the best quality available, domestically produced (when possible).  We will not sell the cheap, imported, "use them once or twice then-they-break" tools you buy at the Chinese Tool store.

 Lastly, we also sell SERVICE and EXPERT ADVISE !   Please contact us, if we can help you.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Q: Where can I buy a  3/8" hex nut ?  
A:  Well, many places.  Try the Hardware stores, "big box" Retailers, Auto Parts house, etc ...    

However, let's say that you have a SPECIAL / CRITICAL application ...
  Perhaps you need a large QUANTITY ... 
     Maybe you are unsure of ALL OPTIONS and PROPERTIES available ...

The fastener professionals at Capitol City Bolt & Screw Co., Inc. can help !  

FAST FACT - If you just consider Capitol City Bolt & Screw's INSIDE SALES team... they alone have 200+ years combined experience in the fastener industry !   This rich, deep, experience is also present at every level of the organization.   One would be challenged to find this much specialized industrial fastener knowledge gathered together in one place - anywhere in America.     

Just so you know, we carry HEX NUTS in the following:

   SIZES: from the tiny #2(- 56 threads per inch)  to a big 3"(- 4 threads per inch) !  

  MATERIALS: mild steel (Grade 2), harder steel (Grade 5), hardest steel (Grade 8), mild stainless steel (18-8), hard stainless steel (316), brass, bronze, nylon.

  THREAD PITCHES: coarse thread (UNC), fine thread (UNF), metric thread (coarse & fine), and left hand.

  FINISHES: plain, zinc (Silver) plated, zinc (Yellow/Gold) dichromate,  (Black) oxide, & (shiny) nickel plated.

  STYLES:  jam (thin), heavy, flange (washer attached), Nylock locking, slotted hex, couplings, acorn, cap, wing, etc ...  

   Anything else (not listed) ?  We can easily ORDER.  

  Just call, e-mail, or come see us when you have the occasion.